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Are you looking for the best GPT and Survey sites on the Internet? You’ve found the right place! At Best GPT Info we want to provide you with an easily accessible list to the Best GPT and Survey  website on the web. We are just starting our website and many more features are yet to come, such as site by site reviews, user ratings, how to guides, and more! If you are interested in making money online from home please bookmark us and return often for updates!
Let us start out by explaining the Basics of GPT and Survey Websites…

What does GPT Stand for?

  • GPT is an abbreviation for Get Paid To 

You will get paid to complete various tasks. You will be asked to complete anything and everything from social signals (FB likes/shares, twitters likes), viewing websites, submitting email address, reading emails, clicking on ads, searching websites, watching videos, taking surveys, giving your opinion, and more.

How Do GPT Sites Work?

Advertiser, Retailers, Governments, and more need data for their companies use, GPT Sites allow them to collect the data they need by combining offers from multiple sources and putting them into a single website. In a sense it is a big lead generation website that pays you for participating.

Why Choose GPT Sites?

  • Variety 

There are many ways to earn money online, GPT sites offer a variety of tasks in a single location.

Unlike PTC or Paid to Click sites, which only offer 1 or 2 ways to earn money.

  • You can work from Home!

You don’t even have to dress up! Most of us have at least 1 full time job, but who couldn’t use a few extra dollars daily?

Typically surveys are the highest paying offers. Averaging from $1-5 payouts. If you can complete 6 Good surveys daily, you make $30/Day Avg. on top of your day job. But it gets better…

  • Referrals

Most GPT Sites allow you to earn even more by referring others to complete offers.

Most GPT sites Have a Tiered system, so you earn a small percent of your referral’s referral earning as well.

  • Upgrades

Account upgrades on GPT sites are completely worth every penny with most GPT sites. Depending on which site and which upgrade you purchase you will get Higher Rewards on completed offers, I.E. Surveys paid $5 for completion before upgrade, with upgrade same survey pays $5.50-7.50. You will also get discounts on future site purchases which can be extremely useful when promoting other sites. Some sites have special Colors, Sounds, and/or Names for Upgraded accounts. Last but not least with an upgraded account you will earn more money from your referrals and have more referrals added to your account at random. Most Gpt Sites only have upgrades for 365 days, after you lose upgrade and features but not referrals gained from upgrade.

Hopefully you are more antiquated with what a GPT Site is and want to more. This will be the end for now but Best GPT will continue to post more about the GPT world. As mentioned earlier we will be bringing more information, guides, and detailed GPT Site reviews.

Until next time, Thank you for reading. -Best Gpt Info