How to Complete Surveys and Offers on GPT Sites

Do you have issues with completing offers or surveys not paying? Maybe you are just starting out and want to know how to complete surveys fast and get paid every time. In the following guide, you can learn how to complete offers easily and get paid every time from reputable survey companies.

First of all, you should be aware that the best method of filling out surveys is to start with a clean and calm mind. This means you should be filling the surveys out honestly with valid details and not rushing through and randomly clicking. You are earning money by completing these surveys from real corporations, healthcare, and government agencies. They need your real opinions and some try to verify as much of the data as possible. Most of these surveys are ultimate to help these companies use your opinions to better understand the market of their products and how to better fit the markets need.

While everyone who takes surveys actively tries to avoid scam sites and GPT sites that don’t pay, Survey companies also actively refuse to pay those that are not honestly answering the surveys given. While they need as much data as possible they don’t want to pay for the data that is invalid. They will try to verify as much information as possible, which is why you should always use real information. They will also try to stop those that randomly answer questions by either repeating the same question, sometimes worded differently, to see if you answer the same. They may also ask you to select a specific answer for a question. I.E. What color is the sky? Blue may be an answer which is correct the site asks you to select green if you don’t select the answer they asked you will not be credited for the survey. Another tactic they use to determine fraud is by the time it takes to complete the survey. If at the beginning of the survey it will take 20 minutes to complete the survey and you complete the survey in 10 minutes, it is probably a fraud. The same applies if you take too long on the surveys. You want to fast but not too fast, you also do not want to be too slow in completing the surveys or offers.

You can still complete surveys efficiently and effectively, which is what this tutorial will try to cover. The following programs will help you save a lot of time and help you get paid for every offer and survey you participate in. You should have these installed before you begin;

Google Chrome Web Browser With History Eraser/ Click & Clean and Robo Form/Last Pass add-ons installed.
You will want to fill out Robo Form or Last Pass before you begin. Use History Eraser or Click & Clean after completing every survey or offer.

CCleaner installed.

To Help combat against malicious sites or programs.
Antivirus Installed (Avira free or AVG Free)
Anti-malware (Malware-bytes or Hitman Pro)
Firewall (comodo Free or other)
SpyBot Search and Destroy is recommended for it’s “immunization” feature. Install and apply all “immunizations”.

*For Advanced Users*

Install and Setup Virtual Box. Setup a new Virtual machine (You can use your Product key from your desktop or laptop). Then install the above software.

You will also want a lot of brand new valid emails. The easiest way is to use Hotmail, mail, yahoo to create email accounts and saving the email and password in a spreadsheet for later use. This would be the only acceptable time to use a proxy or VPN, to create a large list of email accounts. Avoid temporary email websites, they are usually banned and will invalidate your survey.

To complete the surveys the efficiently and effectively, once you have installed the mentioned programs above, open chrome and navigate to one of the new emails you created. In another tab get signed into your favorite GPT site. Make sure your history and cookies are clear and find a nice high paying offer. Use the new email accounts for offers only once and make sure you click through any emails you receive after completing the offer. Robo Form/ Last Pass will help speed things up by actively filling in your details automatically (you can set default password to be used in robot form). Keep an eye out for repeated questions or questions that ask to be answered with a specific answer. Most offers have sections with Yes/No questions, be sure to select to say yes to at least two of the offers. Don’t get sidetracked by those secondary offers inside the actual offer. Once you’ve finished the survey or offer you should stay on the final page for at least two minutes, in order to make sure the survey is marked complete on their servers. Make sure to submit the offer completion on the GPT site after, never right click a new tab on offers or you can’t submit once finished. After you’ve submitted the completion to the GPT Site make sure you use the History Eraser or Click & Clean addons. Use CCleaner after you are finished taking surveys for the day. Make sure to remove the emails you use from your spreadsheet or list every time you use it for an offer or survey. Never re-use the email for another survey or it will not credit.

Some offers require that you purchase an item, or start a free membership with a credit card. For those sites, it is not recommended to use your real credit card or bank cards. A lot of people use prepaid credit cards available from Walmart, or use their earnings and cash out to a prepaid card. You may also want to look into virtual credit cards, they are completely virtual and usually expire within 24 hours. Either way, make sure you sign back into those sites and cancel your account, but only after the offer has been credited. The are also some offers that want you to download and install a game or software. If you are not an advanced computer user, or you don’t know how to set up a virtual computer, you should avoid these offers. They should only be completed on virtual machines. They will typically install other software, usually adware, spyware, or malware along with whatever program they want to be installed. If you do know how to setup virtual machines or already have one setup, sign into the gpt site from within the virtual machine and install all the offers available. Make sure you leave the machine up and running until the offers have credited. You do not have to worry about installing antivirus or anti-malware on the virtual machines, they will be destroyed once the offers have credited. Some of the offers only allow you to download or to be completed on a cell phone or mobile device. Again it is not recommended to do this on your everyday device, but rather an old phone or mobile device with wi-fi connection. If you are an advanced user you could also just create an android based virtual machine and use that to install and complete any mobile specific offers. Either way, if you an old device or virtualized mobile platform, you should not remove the application or turn off the device it is installed on until the offer has credited.

This tutorial hopefully should have helped You start making more money and completing surveys faster. If you implement these simple tactics into your methods most of the surveys and offers you complete should start to pay out more and you will have less pending completions. If you haven’t already please bookmark this site and check back regularly for updates. The site is still growing and we will be focusing on providing you the best GPT websites to use to complete offers and surveys. We will try to also provide you with any new methods used to complete offers and surveys quickly and efficiently. Thank You for reading and Until next time, Happy Earnings!